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Argus A380/A380P Inflatable Canoe by Grand Marine


Argus Discovery A380

The Argus Discovery A380/A380P is a very light, simple and stylish inflatable canoe for runabouts, day trips, cottage fun, fishing or rafting or simply lounging leisurely on the water. It combines superior buoyancy, stability and performance with the idea of the classic canoe and is perfectly built and expertly equipped to meet your needs.

Standard Features include:

  • Four-chamber buoyancy tube with lowered cone ends
  • Integral marine ply 15 high transom for outboard or electric motor
  • High-pressure inflatable air deck
  • Bow stainless steel towing eye
  • One-way drain valve
  • Two rear carry handles
  • Safety lifeline all over the perimeter of the tube
  • Two stability skegs (fins) for tracking
  • Two bottom protectors
  • Removable wooden seats
  • Two-chamber high-pressure manual foot pump
  • Carry bag
  • Includes maintenance kit and User's manual


The Professional Model is more robust and better equipped version designed for demanding users. There are two flotation tubes and five separate air chambers.


  • Length 380cm / 12' 6
  • Width 100cm / 3 3
  • Load Capacity 220kg / 484 lbs
  • Gross Weight 24kg / 54 lbs

Argus Canoes

  • Designed / Engineered in Canada.
  • Components are manufactured in a foreign country(s).
  • Assembly of this product is in a foreign country.

NOTE Only available to ship within Canada

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