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Beeswax Dripped Pillar Candles (Pure Gold) by Cheeky Bee


Cheeky Bee Beeswax Dripped Pillar Candles (Pure Gold)

Beeswax candles offer a healthy and enlightened candle burning experience. Beeswax burns completely clean – non-toxic and non-allergenic. Cheeky Bee candles contain no paraffin, benzene, acrolyn, lead, stearic acid, or any other chemicals – simply 100% pure Canadian Beeswax.

Beeswax candles produce an aura of relaxation and are ideal for meditation, yoga sessions, romantic evenings, or to simply add a natural light ambiance.

The small candle's burn time is approximately 40 - 50 hours and the large candle's burn time is approximately 70 - 80 hours.

Did you know …

  • The various shades of beeswax and honey eerily resemble the skin tones human beings on earth
  • Beeswax is actually white, but turns yellow due to the natural colour of pollen: something bees collect in abundance
  • Bees will travel over 50,000 miles and pollinate over 2 million flowers to generate 1/4 of a pound of pure beeswax
  • The sweet aroma is the essence of 10,000 flowers

    Note: Beeswax will occasionally develop a layer of dust, or bloom on its exterior. This is natural and to be expected, especially when sitting over a period of time. Simply rub it off with a dry cloth or use a hair dryer to remove the dust. Beeswax does not spoil and due to its consistency, it can be safely stored and kept forever.
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