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Edible Flower Assorted Garden Kits (Set Of 3) by Seracon Eco-Culture


Seracon Eco-Culture Edible Flower Garden Kits Nasturtiums / Marigolds / Pansies (Set Of 3)

These Seracon edible flower growing kits feature Nasturtiums, Marigolds and Pansies with blossoms that add elegance and colour to any dish, cocktail or drink.

Chefs at fine restaurants are using edible flower blossoms to dress up their servings so why shouldn't you! Be it soups, salads, mains or desserts, you can dress up your dinner parties and be the envy of your guests!

Of Note

Nasturtiums have a sweet, slightly spicy flavour that is similar to watercress and will provide a tang to salads. You can expect beautiful orange, yellow and gold colours.

Marigolds have a mild, tarragon flavour and feature a mild, citrus-like fragrance. The colours are shades of sunlight yellows and oranges.

Pansies have a slightly sweet grassy flavour and provide a wonderful mix of colours of violets, golden yellows, lavender, mauve and white.

  • Product of Canada
  • Seeds are produced in several foreign countries

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