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Men's Grooming Set by Aide Bodycare


Aide Bodycare / Men's Grooming Set

This 4-piece grooming set features handmade vegan herbal shaving soap, shaving brush, soap dish and jar of muscle soak. A feel good shaving kit that delivers the spa experience!

The shaving soap has a fresh herbal scent of clary sage, sweet basil and mint essential oils. It contains hemp and shay butter to moisturize your skin, and castor oil to add creamy lather.

The specially blended muscle soak contains over 80 minerals and elements which will sooth achy muscles.

Men's Grooming Set Includes

  • 4oz bar of handmade vegan Moustache Shaving Soap
  • Shaving brush with natural boar bristles
  • Natural Pine pallet soap dish
  • 17oz jar of Arnica Muscle Soak
  • Vegan soaps are made with natural vegetable / nut / soy oils
  • Do not use if allergic to any type of nut
  • Handmade soaps last longer if kept dry between uses

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