Appa Ipeelie

Inuit Hunting Beluga Sculpture by Appa Ipeelie


Appa Ipeelie / Hunting Beluga Sculpture
Inuit Art
Item 821001648
Size 10” L x 6.5” H x 6” D
Hand carved with Soapstone

Inuit artist Appa Ipeelie has artfully captured the hunting of a beluga whale in this hand-carved soapstone sculpture. For centuries, belugas have been hunted by native peoples, for food and other resources One feature of this carving is both beluga and kayak swivel.

Iqaluit (formerly Frobisher Bay until 1987) is the capital and largest city of the Canadian territory of Nunavut. Situated at the head of Frobisher Bay on the south coast of Baffin Island, the city of Iqualuit is a designated port of entry to Canada for international air and marine transportation.

Each hand-carved sculpture is accompanied by an Igloo Tag, which guarantees its authenticity and certifies that the piece was handmade by Inuit artists in Canada. The igloo symbol is registered by the Government of Canada and can only be attached to original Inuit sculptures and art from northern Canada.


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