Henry Ainalik

Inuit Hunting With Qamuti Sculpture by Henry Ainalik


Henry Ainalik / Inuit Hunting With Qamuti Sculpture
Inuit Art
Item 821002275
Size 12” L x 6” H x 6.75” D
Hand carved with Soapstone, Whalebone, Caribou Antler, Sealskin and Sinew
Cape Dorset

This Hunting with Qamuti (sled) is a hand-carved soapstone by Cape Dorset artist Henry Ainalik and incorporates other natural resources as well. Sitting on a whalebone base, the carving also features caribou antler tools, sinew rope, and sealskin on the bears.

Cape Dorset, meaning “high mountains” in Inuktitut, is an Inuit hamlet located on Dorset Island at the southern tip of Baffin Island. Cape Dorset is widely considered the “Capital of Inuit Art”.

Each hand-carved sculpture is accompanied by an Igloo Tag, which guarantees its authenticity and certifies that the piece was handmade by Inuit artists in Canada. The igloo symbol is registered by the Government of Canada and can only be attached to original Inuit sculptures and art from northern Canada.


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