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Hoselton's Inukshuk Sculpture

Originating in North America, Inukshuk means “in the likeness of a human or in the image of man. The symbol also represents Canadian friendship, hospitality and mutual dependence.

Inukshuks were built as monuments used for communication and survival. Traditionally they stood for such things as “Someone was here,” or, “You are on the right path.”

If you are looking for a truly symbolic “image” of Canada, this representation will do you proud. This Inuit sculpture stands 4.75 high.

Hoselton: Sculptured Collectibles

For forty plus years, Hoselton Sculptures has been producing world class sculptured gifts and collectibles for the discerning collector.

Hoselton sculptures are made from recycled aluminum alloy and a sand casting process perfected by Gordon Hoselton and Allan Butters.

A prolonged polishing process including multiple sanding and polishing procedures is used to infuse sculptures with a flowing, luminous finish, or a softened, silken brushed finish. These sculptures gleam!

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