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Hoselton's Loon Sculpture

For anyone familiar with cottage country in central Canada, the call of the common loon is as much a part of the experience as are the lakes and trees. Named for its clumsy gait when walking on land, the loon is a regular feature of the North American wilderness and a much-celebrated Canadian personification.

Perhaps the loon’s most distinguishing feature is its yodelling, hooting, wailing and tremolo calls, and have perhaps lent to the expression “crazy as a loon.”

Found in every Canadian province and territory, the loon is truly Canadian.

The size of this sculpture is 5.75 x 2.25

Hoselton: Sculptured Collectibles

For forty plus years, Hoselton Sculptures has been producing world class sculptured gifts and collectibles for the discerning collector.

Hoselton sculptures are made from recycled aluminum alloy and a sand casting process perfected by Gordon Hoselton and Allan Butters.

A prolonged polishing process including multiple sanding and polishing procedures is used to infuse sculptures with a flowing, luminous finish, or a softened, silken brushed finish. These sculptures gleam!

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