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Hoselton's Moose Sculpture

The Canadian Moose is the largest member of the deer family, and stands taller at the shoulder than the largest saddle horse. This sculpture stands tall at 6.75"

Moose can be found in Canadian forests from the eastern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador to the border of Alaska. Moose are also moving into areas where they were not previously found, like north central Ontario and the southern area of British Columbia.

Did you know …
Moose are powerful swimmers, sometimes diving 5.5 metres or more for plants at the bottom of a lake.

Hoselton: Sculptured Collectibles

For forty plus years, Hoselton Sculptures has been producing world class sculptured gifts and collectibles for the discerning collector.

Hoselton sculptures are made from recycled aluminum alloy and a sand casting process perfected by Gordon Hoselton and Allan Butters.

A prolonged polishing process including multiple sanding and polishing procedures is used to infuse sculptures with a flowing, luminous finish, or a softened, silken brushed finish. These sculptures gleam!

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