Jake Vandenbrink

Spirit Island Escape by Jake Vandenbrink


Jake Vandenbrink / Spirit Island Escape
Size 36W x 26H (Framed 42.5W x 32.5H)
Textured Print

The serenity of nature is the underlying theme of Canadian born Jake Vandenbrinks’ work.

Vandenbrinks’ art conveys a timeless sense of calm through carefully rendered depictions of the landscape. While looking at Jake's work the viewer is rewarded with a peaceful feeling, and an immediate appreciation for the outdoors.

Working primarily in acrylics, Jake captures the landscape with striking compositions emphasizing light, balance and color. Among the artist's preferred subjects are the serene lakes, forests, mountains and countryside of both his native Canada and abroad.

Vandenbrink has enjoyed a popular following over the years, as his art continues to attract collectors throughout Canada and beyond.

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