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If you are a mustard maven you MUST try these...

Canada Cuts the Mustard. Unbeknownst to many, Canada has a highly prosperous mustard seed industry. The second largest country in the world is first in mustard production and exporting. And to this end award-winning Alchemist Mary Fabiano of Summer Kitchen fame has developed a winning line of mustards branded Queen Mary Mustards.

Caramelized Onion Mustard

The aroma of Caramelized Onion Mustard is like sweet caramel spiked with assertive notes of wasabi. The caramelized onions melt in your mouth for the smoothest, creamiest texture enlightenment. Use this mustard to enhance cheeses – especially Comte, Beaufort, Morbier, and Taleggio, Portobello mushrooms or baked ham. And these are just some Summer Kitchen suggestions. Don’t be afraid to create your own zesty recipes! 200ml

Classic Dijon Mustard

If this was the 17th century, Chef Mary Fabiano would be run out of town for her spin on this classic favourite! Made with the addition of local ver jus (pinot noir grape juice) and a unique spice-blend, this Dijon mustard delivers an incredible depth of taste. Having plenty of versatility, it can be used to enhance the flavours of succulent meats, vinaigrettes, marinades, and aclassic accompaniment for cheese or pate sandwiches. 200ml

Creamy Crunch Mustard

Grainy texture, popping flavour, and visual appeal, Creamy Crunch Mustard is an ideal blend of whole yellow and brown mustard seeds in a luscious base. With robust taste and bursting textures this mustard enriches sauces, marinades and sandwiches. Dinner is a cinch if you rub it directly onto tuna steaks and beef tenderloins. Don’t blush at the compliments. 200ml

  • All natural ingedients
  • 100 per cent Canadian grown and milled, non-GMO mustard seeds
  • Low in calories, with virtually no sodium or sugar and free of gluten and trans-fats

Reviews & Raves

“Mary has just raised the bar for Canadian mustards!”
— Chef Chris Klugman

Queen Mary mustards are cutting it! Thick and creamy, they will not run off during roasting or cooking. Fantastic, Great variety. Real mustard. — Chef René Cornu

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