Beaver Hunter Hat (Pink Plaid Reversible) Pink Plaid by Pook - Ships in Canada Only


Pook Beaver Hunter Hat (Pink Plaid Reversible)

Possibly one of Pook’s most creative creations!

The Pook Beaver Hunter (catch and release of course) is an evolution of popular Pook designs.

Not only is the Pink Plaid Beaver Hunter a super warm polar fleece lined trapper hat made out of socks, its also a multifunctional and reversible unit. Like the Pook Toque original, the Beaver Hunter flips and turns into limitless styles and looks. Made with four classic Canadian wool work socks, the Hunter is fitted with snaps and magnets to perfect the style you’re after.

It’s more than a hat, it’s an engineering feat the beaver would proud of.

The Pink Plaid Reversible Beaver Hunter Hat is made of polar fleece and four classic Canadian wool socks. It's multifunctional and fitted with snaps and magnets for a variety of styles.

One size (4 years of age and up).

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