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Wallaby Boomerangs Manga Boomerang

This Manga Boomerang is handcrafted from high-quality renewable resource wood (aircraft plywood / 10.5 diameter) and engineered to be simple, safe and durable.

Stéphane Marguerite, who is passionate about boomerangs and competes in several international tournaments each year, has been producing boomerangs in his workshop in Montreal since 1993. Environmental responsibility is top of mind when Marguerite chooses his woods.

Boomerangs are amazing! What seems to be a simple curved piece of wood can be thrown away from you - and then come right back and land in your hand!

This is a most unusual gift for almost anyone!

Did you know …

A collection of boomerangs was found in the tomb of King Toutankhamon.

The oldest hunting club (Boomerang) was discovered in 1987 in Poland at Oblazowa. It is dated 23,000 years and is carved from a mammoth tusk.

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