Zach Meeko

Inuit Inukshuk Sculpture by Zach Meeko


Zach Meeko / Inukshuk Sculpture
Inuit Art
Item 846005838
Size 7H x 4W x 2D
Hand Carved

Zach Meeko resides in the heart of Hudson Bay, in the Belcher Islands, in the community of Sanikiluaq,, Nunavut. The islands are distinctly Arctic where no trees grow, and rocky cliffs towering from 50 to 155 metres above the sea. Many of these cliffs are nesting grounds for eider ducks, whose feathers (eiderdown) are collected from nests and made into beautiful duvets and outerwear.

The Inuit have inhabited the Belcher Islands for centuries, though it only came to the attention of outsiders after Henry Hudson spotted them in 1610. The dark Argillite stone found in the Belcher Islands is unmistakable: the stone varies in colour from black to dark grey and contains naturally created streaks and lines. It is distinctive to carvings created in Sanikiluaq.

Each hand-carved sculpture is accompanied by an Igloo Tag, which guarantees its authenticity and certifies that the piece was handmade by Inuit artists in Canada. The igloo symbol is registered by the Government of Canada and can only be attached to original Inuit sculptures and art from northern Canada.

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